Smart parking 🅿 Project implementation, commissioning, and costs 2022

Smart parking and is described in detail as a complete reference from the prerequisites of smart parking to the costs of setting up a smart parking lot.

You may be wondering why you need a smart parking project? In the absence of a smart parking system, finding a parking space becomes problematic, especially during rush hour. There are spaces that are located in more remote areas and are not visible and are rarely occupied.

Image processing services based on smart parking in urban parking lots

  • Providing services related to license plate registration and license plate reading.
  • Providing services related to counting cars and people installed in CCTV cameras.
  • Identify hotspots compared to other hotspots in the environment.
  • Identify and report object left in points.
  • Create a virtual fence and capture images as you cross it.
  • Provide face detection services. Provide services related to track suspects

Providing services related to setting up and implementing a smart parking project

Implementing a smart parking project requires actions that briefly include the following steps:

  • Installation and commissioning of all intelligent parking control equipment wireless depending on the needs and limitations of the environment.
  • Installation of license plate reader cameras at the entrance of the parking lot.
  • Installation of sensors to check the empty space in the parking lot Map design and display of empty and occupied spaces in the parking lot.
  • Installation of in and out barriers.
  • Installation of card delivery devices.
  • Installation of card presentation and display counters and parking fees.
  • Installation of parking guide LED’s.
  • Installation of a mobile system for booking parking spaces.
  • Installation of control and accreditation system.

Ekala Sverige company, with the exclusive brand of Vigilate, is the executor and contractor of the smart parking project, ready to cooperate with government agencies, public and private multi-story car parks in all parts of Europe and around the world for smartening at the best price.

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