Understanding the language of animals with the help of artificial intelligence 2022

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Artificial intelligence helps us understand the language of animals

Artificial intelligence helps us understand the language of animals. By decoding artificial intelligence from animal sounds, the technology can analyze a multi-hour audio file of animal sounds, which is very time-consuming for humans, in a fraction of the time. “It will be very time-consuming to manually separate these sounds from the audio file,” says Kevin Kaffe, a professor at the University of Washington. . Kafi said: “These rats’ voices are often influenced by positive or negative events. “They produce certain sounds in both positive and negative situations.” Deep Squeak technology is based on the visual waveform of audio files. In fact, artificial intelligence is decoded from animal sounds in such a way that the technology scans the waves to detect irregular patterns. “Obviously Deep Squeak recognizes some sounds better, like rodent sounds or whistles,” says Kafi. “Of course, not every sound is worth listening to.”

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