Ekala Sverige in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) has established an IoT unit regarding to technical knowledge and extensive experience in various fields of communications and information technology and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. The Internet of Things unit intends to identify existing opportunities and introduce new concepts of intelligence in various industries such as machine vision systems, Smart city , Smart home, Smart transportation, water and energy consumption management, agriculture, animal husbandry, , personnel safety and health monitoring of structures, solutions tailored to customer needs with the highest quality customer service Offers.
Welcome to EkalaSverige, a cutting-edge technology firm paving the way in the realms of smart IoT and advanced surveillance solutions. Since our inception, we’ve been at the forefront of IoT technologies, with a keen focus on Artificial Intelligence. EkalaSverige is dedicated to delivering tailored and efficient solutions, optimizing global business operations through improved sensing capabilities and advanced IoT insights. In collaboration with our extensive network of distributors and system integrators, EkalaSverige is committed to building open ecosystems and elevating IoT strategies to new heights. Our product range spans from IoT Gateways, Sensors, Controllers to 4G/5G Industrial Routers & Switches, offering comprehensive device-to-cloud solutions for burgeoning markets such as smart office, smart building, and smart city, smart parking. EkalaSverige is not just a company; we’re an innovation hub committed to providing actionable and adapted solutions. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine connectivity and intelligence in a way that is efficient, sustainable, and impactful.
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