Optical character recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition: Software that allows to “read” a printed text on a plate and transform it into a text file as if it had been typed on the keyboard. A complete OCR library with 27 EU countries, several non-EU countries, Kemler code (dangerous goods), Arabic characters, and special Italian plates. The OCR algorithm boasts a percentage of recognition among the highest in the market. The algorithm works on a sequence of images taken by the OCR camera, on average 15 for each transited vehicle, each of which is detected with diversified optical parameters and contributes to forming the plate read. This approach to optical variation of acquisition allows for the operation of effective readings even in presence of low-contrast plates or dirty plates or even plates dazzled by reflections.

Depending on the model, the device is able to read license plates in Free-Running mode from 0 to 250Km/ h while keeping the recognition percentage unchanged.
The OCR library was tested at the INRIM institute in Turin according to the specifications of the UNI10772 standard, where it achieved a global recognition result of 99.84%. Vigilate’s ANPR products (depending on the model) have been designed to work on one or two lanes; the maximum permissible width of the optimal field of view for recognition varies from 5m to 10m at a maximum working distance of 35m. This ensures the same level of performance over the entire useful working area and also the illuminating power of the integrated LEDs of the product, remains sufficient at the edges of the image. The ANPR devices are able to maintain the same recognition performance with angles of reading up to 50 ° of horizontal and vertical inclination with respect to the plate to be detected. This feature offers considerable installation flexibility that simplifies the application setup phase.